What we do

By issuing VISA approved “gift card” style vouchers incorporating magnetic stripe technology, allows the company full transparency on how much, where and when Light Refreshment Vouchers (LRVs) are utilised. Vouchers can be redeemed at retailer’s which offer food and beverages that accept VISA cards.

After the initial issue of cards to the customer, additional funds can be added without the need for further queuing in the event of subsequent delays or disruption.

By using the Travel Welfare system, every card is accounted for by its unique reference number, and the system provides a full audit trail of issuance allowing the company to fully control card issue, as well as determining the exact time periods the cards can be activated and deactivated, eradicating fraud and misuse.

The Travel Welfare software will provide full reporting on all card transactions allowing the company to report on monies spent per journey, per date range, per station, per routing, per country and per merchant, giving full insight into exact costs for financial control and budgeting purposes.